Antartic – production and bottling of soft drinks

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30 years of experience at your disposal !


Implementation and production of syrups demand a professional control.

We propose to contribute to your research and to participate in development of your products with the benefit of our R & D Department.

2 production lines (metal cans , glass or PET bottles) are available to perform your products.


Innovation is THE word of this products family . Our R & D Department is at your disposal to participate in your products development . You take advantage of our experience, both in formulation and packaging.

Our capacity to be constantly at the forefront of technology, allows us to make you enjoy a very broad range of packaging including including PET bottles capacity and very varied volumes (20 cl, 33 cl, 75 cl, 100 cl, 150 cl or 200 cl ).

Fruit juices

Our control of supply allows us to offer varied juices and constant quality from all of the world.

The diversity of our technologies , allows you to decline your range according to a wide range of packaging. Either bricks ranging from 20cl 200cl or in PET bottles ranging from 20 to 200cl cl.

Through control of the industrial process, we guarantee you a high quality for your products.