Antartic – production and bottling of soft drinks

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Customer Services

The Shared Supplies Management (SSM) is a structure where supplier and its customer develop the customer management supply. Our customers can accept wholly or partially managing their supplies.
Thanks to Electronic data interchange (EDI), Antartic receives consumptions data of its stocks customers. If necessary and according to contracts, Antartic plans to replenish the stocks who have reached the minimum threshold.
Antartic can calculate its needs forecasts and adapts its production and logistical resources.

Advantages of Shared Supplies Management :

     Commands processing time reduced so delivery times shorter
     Quantities anticipation to be produced
     Customer decreased stock
     Improved service delivery

Customer Satisfaction 

Antartic has the will to establish a partner relationship with its customers. The customers satisfaction is strong element of our approach.

This is why our operation is based on:

     Customer proximity keeping a human dimension
     A constant quality of our products by supply and industrial process control
     Responsiveness to client requests
     A regular questioning based on measurement indicators


Antartic client culture is  the key of their satisfaction.